Nutritional IV Therapy

IV therapy refers to the administration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathics and or herbals directly into the vein. This method of therapy allows for direct and immediate absorption of the substances provided at more effective concentrations. What this means for you is that you start feeling better much sooner than you would when taking pills. The reason being is that the nutrients are going directly to your cells giving them the nutrition that they need while bypassing the digestive tract. It helps you to get a jump start on your health so that you can start doing the things you love to do sooner! 


Nutritional IV therapy can be used to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, Crohn's disease, Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, acute asthma attacks, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies, sleep disorders, hormonal irregularities, B12 deficiencies, decreased immunity or infection and allergies. In addition it can be of great benefit for detoxification and supporting athletic performance. 


One of the most common treatments is the Myers' cocktail, which was formulated by Dr. John Myers at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the 1970's. It consists primarily of a combination of B vitamins, selenium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. It can be customized to treat each patient's specific needs. Myers' cocktail has been used to decrease the severity and frequency of migraines, increase immunity and energy and to improve sleep, mood and athletic performance. It is especially good for individuals that are under a lot of stress and are suffering from adrenal fatigue. A common protocol is to administer a Myers' cocktail once a week for 6 weeks and then to administer it as needed. 


Another common treatment is high dose vitamin C. This was first developed by Dr. Linus Pauling in the 1970's. These treatments are primarily used for cancer and hepatitis. They are used in conjunction with allopathic cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Vitamin C IVs significantly improve clinical outcomes of and help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation protocols. The treatments are usually administered several times a week for a period of time and then reduced, as the condition requires. 


IV therapy may seem a little intimidating at first. Besides the initial needle prick IV treatments are relatively painless. The solution is usually administered through a drip bag and the patient can relax, read, listen to music or meditate while receiving treatment. 


If you would like to get a jump start on your health sign up for a series of nutritional IVs. This powerful tool could be just what your body needs to give you the boost for improved health and wellness!