My goal is to help you create health and to treat you not the dis-ease. I view symptoms as a sign that something is wrong. The symptoms are used as a guide to determine the cause of the problem. If only treating the symptom the body is not given the ability to heal and make lasting changes.

I use remedies that encourage the body to heal itself. They are gentle acting remedies that will support your body on attaining your health goals.

Below is a partial list of conditions that I address. If you do not see your diagnosis below please do not hesitate to call my office to discuss your situation. I offer a free 15 minute visit for you to see if Naturopathic and Chinese medicines are right for you.

Do you have or have you been diagnosed with any of the following:

Menstrual DisordersDepressionHigh Blood Pressure
PMSAnxietyHigh Cholesterol
Fertility IssuesCandidaCAD
Hot FlashesIBSAcne
Breast CancerCrohn’s DiseaseEczema
Hormone ImbalancesDigestive ProblemsPsoriasis
HypothyroidChronic AllergiesAsthma
DiabetesChronic ColdsChronic Pain
Prostate CancerHeadachesChronic Fatigue
Erectile DysfunctionWeight GainFibromyalgia
Lyme’s DiseaseCeliac Disease