Biotherapeutic Drainage

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Utilized in Europe for over 100 years, Biotherapeutic Drainage is a unique method of healing. It was brought to the United States in the early 1990’s through the hands of a few pioneering doctors, with whom Dr. Laura has studied with. It is an elegant, gentle and very deep acting modality of healing.

Imagine a garden. Before you can actually plant new flowers and vegetables, you must first remove the old plants, weeds, trim back any overgrown plants and fertilize the soil. There must be drainage routes so the plants can receive the nutrients and have the waste removed effectively. It must be prepared for the new plants. If you plant new flowers before removing the dead plants and impurities, the garden will not grow but instead will begin to break down and will likely have to be redone before long. The same is true for healing the body. This is the reason why drainage is essential in restoring health and vitality to your body, giving you the health that you want.

In the body, the drainage routes are separated into two categories: primary, which includes most of the abdominal organs (liver, kidney, intestines, lungs, stomach and pancreas) and secondary, which includes the other naturally existing routes of elimination such as the skin, mucus membranes, nose and genitals. When the primary routes are not functioning properly, the secondary routes are recruited in order to facilitate detoxification. These natural routes of elimination may not be active and functioning at all times leading to an unnatural accumulation of toxins. These toxins in the body may be considered to be the cause of many different symptoms and diseases.

In today’s world, an individual is faced with environmental toxins (air and water pollution), dietary toxins (pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics), chronic stress, pharmaceutical drugs as well as any unhealthy lifestyle choices (alcohol, tobacco, junk foods, drugs). The body has a limited capacity to breakdown and excrete these and other unnatural chemicals and when that limit is surpassed, the body cannot prevent these substances from entering the bloodstream. As a result, waste products are not able to leave the body properly and begin to build up. The body, in its wisdom, tries to store these toxins by putting them into fat cells, joints, the blood or in the cells of organs. The body may develop stones, tumors, skin conditions, ulcers, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue etc. as the body attempts to deal with the toxins. In a healthy system, the primary routes are working at an optimum level and no illnesses are present. Biotherapeutic Drainage helps to assist the body in optimizing elimination.

Once there has been the gentle elimination of toxins, (the garden has been weeded and cleaned out in the flower analogy), other supplements are then utilized to help you achieve and maintain a level of optimal health.

Biotherapeutic drainage is a gentle form of detoxification that utilizes vials of liquid homeopathic medicines that have been formulated from plants and minerals. The plants have a special affinity for the organs and may be stimulating or sedating depending on the treatment goal. The minerals support the various biochemical reactions that are necessary to efficiently begin the detoxification process. Three separate remedies are typically chosen for each session to support the body on a cellular, organ specific, and systemic level.

In your first visit, Dr. Laura will begin with Basic Treatment Guidelines to support your health along with drainage remedies, to start the process of cleansing and clearing your tissues of toxic accumulations which will help you on your journey to health.